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Volotea is a Spanish low-cost airline focusing on flights between France, Italy, Spain and Greece.

Volotea sell point-to-point tickets only.

All Volotea tickets are in one class.

Volotea offer check-in on the web and at the airport.

To book tickets on Volotea, check prices and flight schedules, please visit Volotea's website.

Cheap Flights with Volotea

The countries and destinations that Volotea fly to are listed below. You can view the routes to each destination on the destination’s web page.

Booking tickets

Volotea flights can be bought on the airline's website, by calling Volotea's customer service centre, on many travel web sites and through travel agencies.

All Volotea tickets are in the same class. During the booking process you can buy various upgrades like space for checked luggage and a seat of your choice.

Finding low priced flights on Volotea

Volotea at times offer tickets at reduced fare. Subscribe to the Volotea newsletter for information about such promotions, or follow the News feed at

Make sure you reserve space for your checked luggage on-line no later than two hours before your flight. The cost for booking an additional checked luggage item at the airport is € 40. This is up to twice to cost of pre-booking on-line.

Volotea charges a payment fee of € 6, except when you pay using a Visa debit card. Then there is no payment fee.

Rebooking, change of name and cancelling tickets

You can change both the date of flight and the route of a Volotea ticket.

You can change the name on a Volotea ticket.

For these types of changes you must pay a fee of € 40 as well as any increase in fare and taxes from what you paid for the original ticket and the price of the new ticket.

Ticket changes must be completed at least two hours before departure of your flight.

If you cancel or do not use a ticket, Volotea will not refund the fare. The airline will, on request, refund airport and security charges, after deducting a fee of 5 Euros.

Volotea baggage rules

Up to three items of luggage may be checked in on your Volotea flight. Book space for checked in luggage on-line to save money. The on-line charge per bag varies from € 15 to € 25 depending on which route you will be flying. The charge at the airport is € 40 per bag.

Each checked luggage item must weigh no more than 20 kg. All of the checked luggage items must in sum weigh no more than 50 kg.

Any overweight will be charged at € 12 per kg.

Volotea allow one piece of hand luggage to be brought on-board with a size of no more than 55 x 40 x 20 cm and a weight of no more than 10 kg.

Checking in for your flight

You can check-in both on-line and at the airport for your Volotea flight. The fee for airport check-in is € 10 when pre-paid on-line with your booking and € 20 if you pay at the airport.

On-line check-in closes 2.5 hours before departure.

Airport check-in closes 35 minutes before departure.

More about Volotea

Volotea fly Boeing 717 aircraft.

An overview of Volotea service fees.


For complete and up-to-date information about rules and regulations for Volotea passengers, please consult the airline's web site.

Information last updated 20.04.2013.

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Flights from € 7 on Volotea

Spanish low-cost airline Volotea now offer flights for as little as € 7 including taxes and fees. This offer is valid for flights until June 2017 and must be booked no later than midnight Wednesday December 28th.