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Uşak, Turkey

Uşak is a city located in the interior part of the Aegean Region.

The closest coastal city is Izmir.

Around 500.000 people live in Uşak.

Uşak is known for its textile industry, in particular production of carpets.

Cheap Flights to Uşak

The two airports near Uşak served by low cost airlines are Uşak Airport and Zafer Airport. You'll find information on flights available from those airports below.

Uşak with airports

Map of Uşak with surrounding airports.

Uşak Airport

Uşak Airport is located 7 km to the east from Uşak.

Flights from Uşak Airport:


Zafer Airport

Zafer Airport opened in 2012.

Zafer Airport is located 80 km to the north east from Uşak.

Flights from Zafer Airport:


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