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Kütahya, Turkey

Kütahya is a city located in western Turkey, approximately 250 km to the west of Ankara. Kütahya is the capital of the Kütahya province.

Cheap Flights to Kütahya

Kütahya is close to several airports that are served by budget airlines: Zafer Airport, Anadolu Airport and Uşak Airport. Below you'll find information on low cost flights available from each airport.

Kütahya with airports

Map of Kütahya with surrounding airports.

Zafer Airport

Zafer Airport opened in 2012.

Zafer Airport is located 36 km to the south from Kütahya.

Flights from Zafer Airport:


Anadolu Airport

Anadolu Airport is located 64 km to the north east from Kütahya.

Flights from Anadolu Airport:

 BrusselsTUI fly
 OstendTUI fly

Uşak Airport

Uşak Airport is located 93 km to the south west from Kütahya.

Flights from Uşak Airport:


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