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Umeå, Sweden

Umeå is a city of slightly more than 100 000 inhabitants. The city was founded in 1622 and is situated next to the Ume river. Umeå got its name from the Sami word Ume, which means "the noisy river".

Cheap Flights to Umeå

There is a flight between Umeå and Stockholm operated by the low cost airline Norwegian. From the various airports located in and around Stockholm budget airlines operate flights to all over Europe.

The two airports near Umeå served by low cost airlines are Umeå Airport and Skellefteå Airport. You'll find information on flights available from those airports below.

Umeå with airports

Map of Umeå with surrounding airports.

Umeå Airport

Umeå Airport is located 4 km to the south of Umeå.

There is a bus to Umeå city centre leaving the airport 15 minutes after the arrival of all flights from Stockholm Airport Arlanda.

Flights from Umeå Airport:


Skellefteå Airport

Skellefteå Airport is located 97 km to the north east from Umeå.

Flights from Skellefteå Airport:


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