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Kiruna, Sweden

Kiruna is the northernmost municipality in Sweden and has a population of around 23.000.

Cheap Flights to Kiruna

Kiruna is served by Kiruna airport. Information on low cost flights available from that airport follows below.

Kiruna with airport

Map of Kiruna with nearby airport.

Kiruna airport

Kiruna airport is located 6 km to the south east from Kiruna.

Flights from Kiruna airport:


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Icehotel - A well known attraction near Kiruna is the Icehotel at JukkasjÀrvi. Open every winter for more than fifteen years, this unique hotel offer visitors the chance to sleep in rooms built from ice. Rooms are decorated by artists and guests are quipped with warm sleeping bags and clothes.

Kiruna Airport - This official airport web site shows current flight departure and arrival times, describes services available at the airport and how to travel to and from the airport.

Kiruna tourist information - Inspiration and information for anyone interested in visiting the north of Sweden, Kiruna and Lappland. The site describes winter and summer activities and events open for visitors, lists hotels and places to taste the local cuisine, interactive map of Kiruna and tips on how to travel to Kiruna.

More about Kiruna

From Kiruna there is a rail service to Narvik in Norway from where there is easy access to Lofoten and other northern Norwegian destinations.

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