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Suceava, Romania

Suceava is located in north-east Romania not far from the borders to Ukraine and Moldova. Suceava was the main city in the historical region of Bucovina and today have several museums and a fortress presenting the history of the region.

Cheap Flights to Suceava

Suceava is served by Suceava Airport. You'll find information on low cost flights from that airport below.

Suceava with airport

Map of Suceava with nearby airport.

┼×tefan cel Mare Suceava Airport

Suceava Airport is located 9 km to the north east from Suceava.

Flights from ┼×tefan cel Mare Suceava Airport:

 LondonWizz Air
 BolognaWizz Air
 MilanWizz Air
 RomeWizz Air
 TrevisoWizz Air
 VeniceWizz Air

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More about Suceava

Suceava has a population of around 105,000.

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