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Satu Mare, Romania

Satu Mare is a city in northwestern Romania with a history going back to the Middle Ages. The city is situated on the Someș river close to the borders with Ukraine and Hungary.

Around 100.000 people live in Satu Mare.

Cheap Flights to Satu Mare

Satu Mare is served by Debrecen Airport, Hungary. Information on low cost flights available from that airport follows below.

Satu Mare with airports

Map of Satu Mare with surrounding airports.

Debrecen Airport, Hungary

Debrecen Airport is located 100 km to the west of Satu Mare.

Flights from Debrecen Airport:

 LondonWizz Air
 ParisWizz Air
 Tel AvivWizz Air
 MilanWizz Air
 EindhovenWizz Air
 MoscowWizz Air
 MalmöWizz Air

Satu Mare International Airport

Satu Mare Airport is located 9 km to the south from Satu Mare.

None of the low cost airlines we cover currently fly to Satu Mare Airport. As soon as we get information about new low cost flights to this airport, we will list them here.

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