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Świnoujście, Poland

Świnoujście is a town located in north-west Poland on the islands of Usedom and Wolin. Świnoujście is known for its long Baltic Sea beach and its many spas.

From Świnoujście there are ferry routes to Trelleborg and Ystad in southern Sweden.

Cheap Flights to Świnoujście

The airports near Świnoujście that are served by low cost airlines are Heringsdorf Airport, Germany and Szczecin Airport.

Information on flights available from those airports follows below.

Świnoujście with airports

Map of Świnoujście with surrounding airports.

Heringsdorf Airport, Germany

Heringsdorf Airport is located 8 km to the south west from Świnoujście.

Flights from Heringsdorf Airport:


Szczecin Goleniow Airport

Szczecin Airport is located 55 km to the south east of Świnoujście.

Flights from Szczecin Goleniow Airport:

 LondonRyanair, Wizz Air
 BergenWizz Air
 OsloNorwegian, Wizz Air
 StavangerWizz Air

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More about Świnoujście

The population count of Świnoujście is around 41,000.

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