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Łódź, Poland

Łódź is located centrally in Poland around 120 km to the south west of Warsaw.

Until the 1990's Łódź was a major textile manufacturing city in the Eastern European economy. Today the city is repositioning itself with a focus on services industries, manufacturing and logistics.

Cheap Flights to Łódź

Łódź is served by Łódź Airport. Information on low cost flights available from that airport follows below.

Łódź with airport

Map of Łódź with nearby airport.

Łódź Lublinek Airport

Łódź Airport is located 5 km to the south west of Łódź.

Flights from Łódź Lublinek Airport:


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More about Łódź

Łódź has seen a decline in population over the last decades. Today the population count of Łódź stands at 730,000.

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