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Kristiansund, Norway

Kristiansund is a city on the north-west coast of Norway.

Kristiansund used to be a major center for trade in fish and for the production of salt cod. Today the economy in Kristiansund is mainly based on the oil industry.

Cheap Flights to Kristiansund

Kristiansund is served by Molde Airport. Information on low cost flights available from that airport follows below.

Kristiansund with airports

Map of Kristiansund with surrounding airports.

Molde Airport

Molde Airport is located 47 km to the south west from Kristiansund.

Flights from Molde Airport:

 GdanskWizz Air

Kristiansund Airport

Kristiansund Airport is located 5 km to the east from Kristiansund.

There are no low cost flights to this airport now. When any of the low cost airlines we cover start new routes to Kristiansund Airport, we will list the flights here.

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