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The Federal Republic of Germany consists of 16 states and is located in western-central Europe. The capital of Germany is Berlin.

Cheap Flights to Germany

International flights with budget airlines are available from airports all over Germany. Below is a list of German cities and towns served by low-cost airlines.

Visit the page for each city to see a list of low-cost flights available to that city.

German budget airlines originally focused on flying Germans to Mediterranean destinations and to the Canary islands. These days you can fly low-cost from Germany to almost anywhere in Europe.

For travels inside Germany, railway is often cheaper and quicker than flying.

Air Berlin started out as a charter and low-cost airline, and has today grown to be Germany's second largest airline with flights not only in Europe but to the US, Africa and Asia. Eurowings is is a daughter airline of Lufthansa offering lower cost flights to many destinations. TUIfly offers charter- and scheduled flights to popular vacation destinations for Germans.

More about Germany

Close to 82 million people live in Germany.

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