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Deauville, France

Deauville is a seaside resort town in northern France. Deauville is located centrally in Normandy, by the English Channel and about 200 km from Paris.

Cheap Flights to Deauville

The airports near Deauville that are served by low cost airlines are St. Gatien Airport and Caen Airport.

Information on flights available from those airports follows below.

Deauville with airports

Map of Deauville with surrounding airports.

Saint Gatien Airport

St. Gatien Airport is located 6 km to the east from Deauville.

Flights from Saint Gatien Airport:

 AgadirTUI fly
 MarrakechTUI fly

Caen Carpiquet Airport

Caen Airport is located 44 km to the south west from Deauville.

Flights from Caen Carpiquet Airport:


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