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Cherbourg-Octeville, France

Cherbourg is a port on the English channel with ferry connections to the English ports of Poole and Portsmouth as well as to Dublin, Ireland.

Cheap Flights to Cherbourg

The airports near Cherbourg that are served by low cost airlines are Caen Airport and Pleurtuit Airport.

Information on flights available from those airports follows below.

Cherbourg with airports

Map of Cherbourg with surrounding airports.

Caen Carpiquet Airport

Caen Airport is located 98 km to the south east from Cherbourg.

Flights from Caen Carpiquet Airport:


Pleurtuit Airport

Pleurtuit Airport is located 120 km to the south of Cherbourg.

Flights from Pleurtuit Airport:


Cherbourg Maupertus Airport

Cherbourg Airport is located 10 km to the east from Cherbourg.

Currently there are no low cost flights to this airport. As soon as any of the low cost airlines we cover start offering flights to Cherbourg Airport, we will list the flights here.

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