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Eurowings is the low-cost daughter airline of Germany's Lufthansa airlines.

Eurowings fly short- and medium haul routes between Germany and the rest of Europe. Eurowings have taken over many routes previously flown by Lufthansa.

Eurowings offer tickets in three classes: Basic, Smart and Best, with Basic having the lowest fares.

With a Basic ticket you have to pay an additional fee to check in a suitcase and to reserve a specific seat. There is no refund if you cancel or do not use a Basic class ticket. The cost of checking in a second luggage item is much higher than for the first item.

To book tickets on Eurowings, check prices and flight schedules, please visit Eurowings' website.

Cheap Flights with Eurowings

The countries and destinations that Eurowings fly to are listed below. You can view the routes to each destination on the destination’s web page.

Booking tickets

Book your Eurowings tickets on the airline's web site to get the best fares.

You can book tickets by phone and by visiting one of the Eurowings service counters. However, an extra fee is added if you chose one of these options.

Finding low priced flights on Eurowings

Basic class tickets can only be purchased on the Eurowings web site.

Rebooking, change of name and cancelling tickets

You can rebook and change the traveller's name on Eurowings tickets. You'll have to pay a fee of € 70 as well as any difference in fare between what you originally paid and the current price of the new ticket.

If you chose to not use or cancel a Best or Smart ticket, no refund is issued by the airline.

Best class tickets can be changed and cancelled without any costs for the passenger.

Eurowings baggage rules

For Basic class tickets, no checked luggage is included in the fare. You can add one or more items of checked luggage. The cost for the first luggage item is € 15 for European flights, while the cost for the following luggage items are € 75 each. These are the prices if you book on-line. Prices are higher if you book at the airport on the day of travel. You can check in up to five luggage items on Eurowings flights.

Each luggage item can weigh up to 23 kg. A fee must be paid for any excess weight.

For Smart and Best class tickets, one item of checked luggage is included in the fare. The cost for additional items of luggage is € 75 each.

More information on Eurowings baggage rules.

Checking in for your flight

Eurowings offer both on-line check-in and check-in at the airport. On-line check-in is available until three hours before departure and is not mandatory for travellers on any of the Eurowings fare classes.

More about Eurowings

Eurowings operate through hubs at Düsseldorf Airport, Cologne Airport, Stuttgart Airport, Hamburg Airport, Hannover Airport and Berlin Tegel Airport.

If you book a Eurowings flight with a stop-over at one of the hub airports, your luggage will be checked in to your final destination.

Eurowings fly Airbus A319, A320 and A330 airplanes.


For full and up-to-date information on Eurowings rules and policies, please consult the airline's web site.

Information last updated 01.11.2017.

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Lufthansa's low-cost airline Eurowings now offer BASIC-fare tickets at up to 25% off the previous price. Book before the end of January 2018 to take advantage of this offer. Tickets for flights between February 1st and October 27th can be had at reduced fares.