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Brussels Airlines fly from their hub airport in Brussels to major cities all over Europe. The airline generally serve main airports close to city centres.

Tickets are available both for single leg flights and flights requiring a stopover in Brussels.

Brussels Airlines offer tickets in four classes: Check&Go and Light&Relax offer the best priced tickets, while Flex&Fast and Bizz&Class offer more flexibility and better service at a higher cost.

In addition to their European routes, Brussels Airlines also serve many destinations in western Africa and fly to the US.

Brussels Airlines flew 5.88 million passengers in 2013.

To book tickets on Brussels Airlines, check prices and flight schedules, please visit Brussels Airlines' website.

Cheap Flights with Brussels Airlines

The countries and destinations that Brussels Airlines fly to are listed below. You can view the routes to each destination on the destination’s web page.

Booking tickets

Book Brussels Airlines flights on the airline's web site to get the best price. You can also buy tickets by calling the customer contact centre, on travel web sites, or by contacting a travel agent.

Brussels Airlines have a «Lowest Fare Guaranty» whereby if you find a Brussels Airlines operated European flight at a lower rate than on their web site, they will refund the fare difference + 10% of the lower fare.

Finding low priced flights on Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airlines have several fare classes with Check&Go offering the lowest prices with fares for a return ticket starting at € 69.

No checked-in luggage is included in the basic Check&Go fare. However, the ticket does include one piece of handluggage with a weight of up to 12 kg. You can upgrade a Check&Go ticket to include one piece of checked-in luggage for € 15.

A comparison of the Brussels Airlines fare classes can be found here.

During sales periods, tickets for Brussels Airlines flights can often be bought for as little as 30 - 50 Euros all inclusive. Subscribe to Brussels Airlines' newsletter to learn about reduced fares promotions.

In order to find the cheapest Check&Go economy tickets, book several weeks ahead of your travel. For travels during the summer season, you'll have to book several months ahead to get the lowest fares.

Rebooking, change of name and cancelling tickets

Check&Go tickets can't be changed or cancelled.

You can change a Light&Relax ticket, but will have to pay a fee of € 45 and any difference in fare between what you originally paid and the price of the new ticket. You can cancel a Light&Relax ticket, but a fee of € 120 will be deducted from the refund.

You can change a Flex&Fast or Bizz&Class ticket without paying any fees, but will have to pay any difference in fare between what you originally paid and the new ticket.

If you cancel Flex&Fast or Bizz&Class tickets before departure, you will receive a full refund of the fare.

Brussels Airlines baggage rules

For the low-cost Check&Go tickets only one piece of hand luggage is included in the fare. You can upgrade a Check&Go ticket to include checked-in luggage.

Light&Relax tickets include one piece of checked-in luggage with a weight of up to 23 kg, in addition to one item of hand luggage.

Hand luggage can weigh up to 12 kg and have a size of at most 57 x 54 x 15 cm.

If you need to upgrade a ticket with more checked-in luggage items, make sure you do this on the Brussels airlines website or by calling the airline service centre. It is much more expensive to purchase such an upgrade at the airport.

Here is an overview of excess baggage fees on european Brussels Airlines flights.

You may check-in up to five luggage items on Brussels Airlines.

Checking in for your flight

Brussels Airlines offer both on-line check-in and traditional airport check-in. At some airports check-in machines for self-service airport check-in are available.

After checking in on-line, you must print your boarding pass and bring it with you to the airport.

If you have checked in on-line and are travelling without any checked-in luggage, you can proceed directly to the gate once at the airport.

Bag-drop counters close 40 minutes before flight departure.

History of Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airlines is the result of a merger of SN Brussels Airlines and Virgin Express.

More about Brussels Airlines

In addition to their European routes, Brussels Airlines offer routes to Africa serving destinations like Dakar, Monrovia, Luanda, Nairobi and Kigali.

Brussels Airlines operate a number of code-share flights with other Airlines.

Brussels Airlines offers a mobile friendly web site where you can check-in for your flight and find information about flights and your bookings.


For full and up-to-date information on Brussels Airlines rules and policies, please consult the airline's web site.

Information updated 03.10.2014.

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