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How to book bargain priced European flights

The many European no-frills airlines provide ample opportunities for low cost travels in Europe. But how do you book the best priced tickets?

There are three keys to finding cheap tickets for flights in Europe:

  1. Find the real low cost airlines providing flights to the places you want to visit.
  2. Book your flights well in advance of departure.
  3. Stay updated on special offers.

More about this below.

Find airlines providing low priced flights

Many of the new low cost airlines are not well known and don't sell tickets via travel agents. Instead these airlines sell their tickets over the Internet and the phone. The challenge for you as a traveller is to find the low cost airlines that offer flights to the places that you want to visit.

This site,, helps you stay updated on which low cost flights that are available to several hundred destinations all over Europe. is continuously updated as new routes become available.

Browse to find flights to places you want to visit or use the site to stay up-to-date on cheap flights available from your home town. Check back with us from time to time to learn about new routes and new low cost airlines.

Book your tickets well in advance

Most low cost airlines increase the ticket price as seats on a flight are sold. The fewer free seats that are available, the higher is the price for the remaining tickets. The last seats sold on a discount airline flight may be priced as much as five to ten times higher than the initial tickets sold.

How far in advance you need to book to get the best prices varies depending on factors such as airline pricing policies, how popular the route is and the season. In general you should plan to book no later than one to two months in advance of departure in order to get tickets priced in the lower range. For flights during vacation periods, you may have to book immediately after the tickets are available for sale in order to get the lowest price. This may be six to eight months before departure.

Take advantage of special offers

Most of the European discount airlines offer reduced fare tickets during occasional sales periods. These promotions are seldom announced in advance, but early January and early fall are periods you should check. Some examples:

  • recently offered tickets for a fixed price of 10 Euros per flight. Tickets had to be booked during a four day period for flights within the next three months.
  • In early October Germanwings offered 300.000 free tickets provided that you booked within a three day period. The tickets were not completely free, as you had to pay airport taxes and fees.
  • Ryanair offered 4 million free tickets for travels between the end of September and early February, excluding school breaks and Christmas. You had to book tickets within an eight day period i early September. At the end of that period, Ryanair extended the booking window with an additional three days.

Common for offers of this type is that even if the tickets are available for free or almost for free, you still have to pay airport taxes and any other fees. Free tickets are almost never completely free of charges.