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How we and our partners use Cookies use cookies to provide ads tailored to your interests and to understand how the site is used.

We don't know who the visitors to our site are unless you choose to tell us your name, email or other personal information through the feedback-form or by sending us email.

If you contact us we will not associate the information you provide with any cookies sent to your web browser.

About cookies

A web cookie is a small text file that is sent to your web browser when you view a webpage. Your web browser stores the text file and sends it back to the website when you load a new web page.

First-party cookies are sent from to your browser when you view a page on the site. These cookies are only sent back to and can only be used to collect information about how you use this site.

Third-party cookies are sent by ad-serving companies like Google who show ads on These cookies are sent back to the advertising company whenever you view an ad from them on or another website. Based on which websites you visit, the ad-company may show you ads that they think are relevant to you.

Cookies related to advertising has partnered with Google so that Google show ads on our website. For more information on how Google use cookies and to opt-out from Ads Personalisation, please visit this Google webpage.

More on the technologies Google use to show you ads that are as relevant as possible.

Cookies we use to understand how the site is used

We use Google Analytics to collect information about how is used. This is done through first-party cookies.

We use IP Anonymisation so that your complete IP address is not stored by Google Analytics. We never share any personally identifiable information with Google. does not use Google Analytics Advertising Features.

More information about Google Analytics data privacy and security.

Google provides a Google Analytics Opt-out browser Add-on.

Cookies related to the Facebook like and share buttons show Facebook like and share buttons on many pages. Facebook may set and read cookies in your browser when you see these buttons. Information about how Facebook use cookies.

Cookies related to the Twitter button show a Twitter button on some of the site's web pages. Information on how Twitter use cookies.

Questions regarding how we use cookies

Any questions regarding this statement or our privacy policies should be directed to via our feedback-form.

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