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This Dutch low-cost airline offer flights between the Netherlands and France to popular holiday destinations around the Mediterranean Sea and on the Canary Islands.

Also flights to European capitals like Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Bratislava and Copenhagen.

Transavia flew nearly 10 million passengers in 2014.

To book tickets on Transavia, check prices and flight schedules, please visit Transavia's website.

Cheap Flights with Transavia

The countries and destinations that Transavia fly to are listed below. You can view the routes to each destination on the destination’s web page.

Booking tickets

Transavia offer three fare types: Basic, Plus and Max.

Basic tickets are the cheapest Transavia tickets and include only the seat and hand-luggage. For a fee of € 4, you can select your seat.

Plus tickets add 20 kg of hold luggage and the option to select which seat you will be sitting in. Departure time can be changed until 14 days before departure by only paying any fare difference.

Max tickets include up to 30 kg of hold luggage and the option to select your seat, including seats with extra leg-room. Departure time can be changed until 2 hours before departure by only paying any fare difference.

Finding low priced flights on Transavia

If you need to check in 20 kg or less of hold-luggage, you may save money by opting for a Basic ticket compared to buying a Plus ticket. During the booking process you can add hold-luggage to Basic tickets in increments of 5 kg, starting from 15 kg.

The price for booking hold luggage at the airport is up to twice that of booking on-line when you first make your ticket reservation.

Rebooking, change of name and cancelling tickets

Change of departure time, route and name on the ticket can be performed on the web site. Changes must be completed no less that 2 hours before scheduled departure time and before checking in.

There may be a fee per change made. You will also have to pay any difference between the fare you originally paid and the current ticket price.

Holders of Basic tickets will always have to pay a fee of € 50 when making changes to their ticket.

If you hold a Plus ticket, you can change departure time and only pay the fare difference provided you make the change no later than 14 days before departure.

Holders of Max tickets can change departure time until two hours before departure and only pay the fare difference.

No refund is issued for cancelled or not used tickets.

If you cancel a ticket, taxes can be refunded on request.

Transavia baggage rules

You can check in up to five items of hold luggage with a maximum combined weight of 50 kg when travelling on

Excess hold baggage is allowed provided a fee of € 15 per 5 kg is paid.

The weight limit for hand luggage is 10 kg.

More about Transavia

Transavia is part of the Air France-KLM Group. fly Boeing 737 airplanes.


For full and up-to-date information on rules and policies, please consult the airline's web site.

Information updated 08.07.2015.

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