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Timişoara, Romania

Timişoara is located in western Romania not far from the borders to Serbia and Hungary. Timisoara is the county seat of Timiş.

Timişoara and the surrounding area is a center for industrial production in Romania.

Cheap Flights to Timişoara

Timişoara is served by Timişoara Airport. You'll find information on low cost flights from that airport below.

Timişoara with airport

Map of Timişoara with nearby airport.

Timişoara Airport

Timişoara Airport is located 9 km to the north east of Timişoara.

Flights from Timişoara Airport:

 BrusselsRyanair, Wizz Air
 LondonRyanair, Wizz Air
 ParisWizz Air
 DortmundWizz Air
 FrankfurtRyanair, Wizz Air
 MemmingenWizz Air
 BariWizz Air
 BolognaWizz Air
 MilanRyanair, Wizz Air
 RomeWizz Air
 TrevisoWizz Air
 EindhovenWizz Air
 Cluj NapocaBlue Air
 ConstantaBlue Air
 IașiBlue Air
 BarcelonaWizz Air
 MadridWizz Air
 ValenciaWizz Air

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More about Timişoara

Timişoara is the 3rd most populous city in Romania with a population of around 310,000.

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