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Iberia Express is a Spanish airline offering flights from its hub airport in Madrid to Spanish and European destinations.

Iberia Express offer tickets in several fare classes: Express, Standard, Flex and Business.

The cheapest Express fare tickets are available only if you book a return ticket with Iberia Express.

Iberia Express is a daughter airline of Iberia.

To book tickets on Iberia Express, check prices and flight schedules, please visit Iberia Express' website.

Cheap Flights with Iberia Express

The countries and destinations that Iberia Express fly to are listed below. You can view the routes to each destination on the destination’s web page.

Booking tickets

You can book Iberia Express tickets on the airline's web site. You can also call the Iberia Express booking centre, or buy tickets on many travel web sites or through travel agents.

Finding low priced flights on Iberia Express

Only by booking a return ticket will you be able to obtain an Express fare class ticket. These are the the least costly tickets offered by Iberia Express.

Express class tickets are sold at different rates depending on the number of nights between your outbound and inbound flights. In order to get the cheapest Express class tickets you must either be away for two night in a weekend or three nights during a week.

A return ticket in the Express fare class can often cost less than a one-way ticket in the next higher fare class, the Standard class.

Pay with a Visa or Mastercard debit card to avoid the IberiaExpress payment fee. The payment fee is € 4.50 for domestic flights and € 7.50 for international flights.

Rebooking, change of name and cancelling tickets

Flight date of Iberia Express tickets can be changed before the departure of the first flight on the ticket. The fee for changing a domestic ticket is € 39. For an international ticket the fee is € 50.

Name changes are not possible.

No refund is issued if you cancel or do not use an Iberia Express ticket in Express or Standard class.

Iberia Express baggage rules

Express tickets does not include any checked in luggage. One to three checked luggage items can be purchased during on-line check-in.

Luggage items with a weight above 23 kg will incur an overweight fee.

More about IberiaExpress checked luggage rules.

You can take one item of hand luggage into the cabin. This item should not be larger than 55 x 40 x 20 cm and weigh no more than 10 kg.

Checking in for your flight

IberiaExpress on-line check-in is available until one hour before flights departure. You can select a seat during on-line check-in.

During on-line check-in you can buy space for additional checked luggage items for a reduced price compared to doing so at the airport.

After on-line check-in, and if you are travelling with hand luggage only, you can proceed through security and go to the gate.

If you have checked-in luggage, you must deliver the luggage items at an Iberia Express check-in counter or bag drop counter no later than 45 minutes before flight departure. At Madrid Barajas T4S this deadline is 55 minutes before flight departure.

As the final step of checking in on-line, you must print the boarding pass.

More about Iberia Express

Iberia Express started operations in the spring of 2012. It is owned by Iberia airlines and are now flying many short and medium-haul routes previously flown by Iberia.

Iberia Express is flying Airbus A320 aircrafts.


For full and up-to-date information about rules and regulations for passengers travelling on Iberia Express, please consult the airline's web site.

Information last updated 21.04.2013.

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